Different Disciplines, Broad Research Areas, and Driving Research Questions

Discipline Broad Research Area Driving Research questions

Indian Knowledge System

Integrative study of body, mind and consciousness

  • - Laws of semantics and Foundations of Psychology

  • - What are the cognitive biomarkers of consciousness?

  • - How to measure and improve states of epistemic curiosity (or lack of cognitive inertia)?

  • - What are the cognitive biomarkers of creativity and the effect of IKS interventions?

  • - What is the connection between consciousness and sleep states?

  • - How to investigate dreams and the contents of dreams?

  • - How to evaluate the level of sleep and enhance sleep and dream quality?

  • - How does physiological data relate to common yoga practices? 

  • - What are the relations between neural, physiological, and molecular signatures, and how are they affected by IKS-based interventions?

  • - Use of neurofeedback and biofeedback mechanisms to improve meditation and yoga practices  

  • - How does one assess the importance of intention and goodness from the perspective of cognitive biomarkers?

  • - Could computer vision and VR applications improve yogasana practices?

  • - Could Mantra chanting and tDCS in Virtual Reality (VR) improve mental conditions? Can this improvement be predicted via machine learning methods? 

  • - What is the relationship of Prakriti on the effectiveness of meditation therapies for psychological and lifestyle disorders?

  • - Could machine learning predict a person’s Prakriti?

  • - Could Indian music and dance therapies help improve clinical cases of mental and lifestyle disorders?

  • - How do we personalize music and dance therapies (e.g., based on the Prakriti of the subject or other factors)?

  • - How can IKS interventions aid in the cases of deaddiction?

  • - How to develop translational technology based on IKS interventions for clinical and home-based setups?

Scientific characterization of brain network with the intervention of Yoga and Meditation

Learning Mind-brain paradigm from Ayurveda

Mind-brain paradigm in Bhagavata Samkhya 

Traditional Indian Medicine Research for mental wellbeing

Indian Performing Arts and Cognition

Cognitive Science

Cognitive Neuroscience

Cognitive Psychology

Cognitive Technology and Bio/Neurofeedback

Judgment and Decision Making

Mental Health

Virtual Reality and Sensors

Virtual Reality Applications

Bio/Neuro/Physiological Sensing

Mental Health Applications

Depression, Stress and cognitive loading, Sleep Disorder, Autism, Alzheimer, Parkinson